Turkey Pops?

At our Thanksgiving dinner this year there will be kids. Seventeen kids to be exact. I wanted to make something fun to put on each kid’s plate. Then last night at around midnight it hit me… I could make a Bakerella Cake Pop shaped like a Turkey for each of the children.

Then I got to thinking about how skilled Bakerella is with her hand shaping and how I have never tried hand shaping a cake pop yet. Then I thought about how it might not work too well if I tried dipping the little turkey pops with their drumstick legs. Would they fall off? And let’s just say they did stay intact and actually looked good… could I then, somehow get a bone rammed into the end of each leg without ruining my entire turkey pop? Hmmmm…. then I had an epiphany.

I would simply sculpt each pop out of caramels. So I unwrapped a few, heated them up until they were barely warm and just pliable enough to shape. Then I shaped the caramel around the stick. I added the legs after I made the body and I wrapped them around tiny little Wilton bone sprinkles that I had from Halloween. Voila, and there you have it, folks. A solid caramel turkey pop, on a stick, complete with bones… ready to add a touch of humor and a bit of whimsy to our Thanksgiving table!

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