Chinese Cuisine And Food

Chinese cuisine is well renowned the world for its flavour and history.  Chinese restaurants have opened everywhere in the world and become very popular among different countries. You can use local produce in the cooking because the sauces you use will complement their flavours.  Chinese people love eating so you will find that everywhere they migrate to, there will be hordes of eateries opening just to satisfy their huge culinary appetites.  Chinese will treat lunch  and breakfast just as important as dinner.

There are four main cuisines found in China.  One thing you’ll find in common is the extensive sue of cast iron woks for steaming, deep frying, stir frying and sautéing. The most well renowned Chinese regional cuisines are:

  1. Sichuan cuisine – Baking, scalding, and wrapping.  Commonly uses chilli and spices.
  2. Shandong cuisine – Shandong is an eastern coast region in China.  Influences cooking in Beijing and commonly use soups.
  3. Jiangsu cuisine – braising and stewing
  4. Guangdong (Cantonese) cuisine – It is located south east of China and is warmer.  Commonly uses shallots and garlic.

These regions vary in climate, resources, geography, history, and the style of cooking.

Chinese Banquet Suggestions

Depending on the size of party, theme, your experience in cooking and difficulty of the dishes, here are a few suggestions:

Finger Food party

  1. Satay sticks with satay dipping sauce
  2. Vegetarian Spring rolls with carrots, vermicelli noodles, fungus, cabbage
  3. Prawn spring rolls
  4. Prawn toasts
  5. Curry puffs
  6. Steam dim sims (xiao mai)

Traditional banquet

  1. Satay chine sticks using either breast or thigh fillets
  2. Spring rolls
  3. Stir fired egg noodles with shallots, seafood, bean sprouts, eggs.
  4. Stir fried Mongolian Lamb
  5. Crispy skin chicken
  6. Roasted Peking duck
  7. Battered chicken with lemon sauce
  8. Battered or steam banana, baileys ice cream with lee chee or local fruits sprinkled with macadamia nuts or normal crushed peanuts
  9. Chinese green tea

Small lunch

  1. Salt and pepper seafood with Chinese pepper, shallots and garlic
  2. Roast crispy pork skin with sweet chilli sauce
  3. Stir fried black bean beef with steam jasmine rice

The secret to Chinese cooking is patience and experience.